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Selma Hellmann (she/her) is a German circus artist based in Bruxelles, Belgium. In June 2023 she graduated from the École superieure des arts du cirque (ÉSAC) in Bruxelles, specialized in aerial straps. Currently she is working with WNO (Welsh national opera) and NoFit-State Circus in their opera “Death in Venice” by B. Britten, directed by Olivia Fuchs and Firenza Guidi. She is part of the company Cirk La putyka in Prague, with which she performed their contemporary cabaret-show “R.I.E. – Rest In Euphoria” in 2023. As well she is part of the Belgian collective Salement Cirque, that is performing their show “Pistes” in various street and buskers’ festivals throughout Europe.


Selma's passion for circus started at the age of three in the youth circus of her hometown Speyer. At 14 years old she started teaching, choreographing and later on directing for youth circus groups. From that age till today she is working with children and young adults with special needs in the frame of the social initiative “Zirkus macht stark” (“circus makes you strong”). 


In 2020 Selma was awarded with the Special Abitur award of the German Mathematicians Association as well as from the German Society of Physics.


What Selma loves about straps is their simplicity. Two lines in space that are straight, in tension – most of the time. They can also fly around, freely. They propose a clear geometry in various ways. How to fit your body inside? How to be the freest possible on this apparatus that ought to be a “strength discipline”? It is the most fascinating to feel the power that comes to your movement by liberating body parts, by keeping tension only where its most necessary and freeing everything else.

This class focuses on both static and dynamic straps-techniques, and most importantly to use them in your very own way. We all have different artistic bodies, the work on the aerial straps is to me an approach to understand mine the best possible




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