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Made in Sicily, lived in many places around Europe and Uk since the age of 16. After her Master studies at DOCH in Contemporary Circus Practices ending in June 2022; She  was part of the pilot year directed and led by Roberto Magro, ICCAR - International Circus Centre for Artistic Research. Prior to this she studied Etienne Decroux’ mime technique at Moveo in Barcelona and graduated at Circomedia in Bristol and the National Centre for Circus Arts in London in 2014.


Movement research through knots and sensing is the heart of her creative investigation. Her workshops are designed to encourage participants to develop their styles, words and language through approaches aimed at stimulating to think through movement and experience rope intimately for a more conscious and in-depth practice. Her choreographic research is developed through structured tasks to spur participants to enhance not only the athletic but most importantly the adaptive skills. At the core of her exploration there is the equal dialogue among the bodies - animate and inanimate - involved in the process.

Writing, movement, photography, videography, reading and crochet are all parts of her circus investigation.


During this session will Gaia share the main methodology that has developed since her Master studies at DOCH in Sweden. A series of task-based improvisation approaches to create confined spaces of research within which practitioners can experiment freely on the aerial apparatus. The emphasis of such exploration is to train to speak the language of knots, where knots are opportunities for new pathways. The purpose is to encourage participants to make conscious choices, to think through movement and to be present HERE and NOW, with the aim to expand and deepen our adaptive skills. Her objective is to stretch the technical knowledge we have of our practice through personal experience and spur us to think in terms of knots instead of tricks only.






This session will be about multiple experimental exercises as part of a methodology that we Gaia Santuccio and Alzbeta Ticha are currently discovering and developing together. The intention is to explore rope through the perspective of play, not so seriously for once! Through experience we acquire more in-depth knowledge, in life and with rope. Blending tasks from floor acrobatics, dance and martial arts with rope principles, we came up with games through which, with the help of a partner, we train to communicate non-verbally as well as it being an opportunity to test how far we can push ourselves physically and mentally. The objective is to work with strategy and to encourage movement by instinct, poking our animal side. We will share the journey with one partner, in pairs on the rope and silks.


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